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US Lacrosse Help


In order to participate in our program, your child must have an active US Lacrosse Membership.  Registration, membership benefits and additional information can be found at  

During registration, your child's membership number will be verified against the US Lacrosse membership database.  There are certain pieces of info that must match EXACTLY between your Jr Wolverines account and US Lacrosse account.  If you are having issues, please check for conflicts by following these steps:

Look up US Lacrosse membership number here:

Verify the following match your Jr Wolverines registartion

  1. If your USLacrosse Membership expires before the end of the season, your child will not be eligible. 

  2. You must make sure the following information for your child matches EXACTLY between the US Lacrosse website and our registration website:

    1. Name

    2. Date Of Birth

    3. Physical (home) Address

    4. Email Address - Either yours or your childs

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